I 'll bet you thought I died!
Nope, but I was having difficulty getting back here.

The Chicago trip was wonderful.
So many beautiful new things to see.
The fashions shows were phenomenal. 

Karlene & I got stuck in an elevator with Jim Helm, Tony Bowles and Sophia Tolle !! How cool was that?

We also got to meet David Tuttera and his  little bambino Cielo.  Simply precious.
So OF COURSE, I ended up picking up his line of jewelery. davidtutera.com/products-inspiration/fashion-jewelry
This was how the show started, for 45 minuets we watched her move so slowly, Karlene said it was like watching a vine grow! beautiful.

We also have lot's of other pretty's to come see.

Hurry! give me a call 419-352-7433

Tony Bowles, Jim Helm & Sophia Tolle

Me and David,   XOXOX